Welcome to the Advanced Laser Eye Clinic, Scotland's longest established eye laser clinic, we offer consultations and carryout treatments in each of our clinics in Scotland and Ireland.

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We recently had a feature on Scotland Today. You can view the video by clicking the button on the right hand side. The video is 10mb will take a few minutes to download on a 56k connection.

Our Clinics are strategically positioned in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Belfast where the vast majority of people in Scotland and Northern Ireland have easy access for consultations, treatments and follow up after care.

Many other clinics offer consultations only and treatments are carried out in England. We at Advanced Laser Eye Clinic believe in the importance of getting your treatments and any relevant after care in the same easily accessible clinic.

Come and find out if you are a suitable candidate Phone 0845 408 5480 to book your consultation or find out more information about our forthcoming seminars and have the opportunity to meet people who have had the treatment.

Advanced Laser Eye Clinic
. Glasgow Belfast Aberdeen.
Tel : 0845 408 5480 | Email : info@eyeclinic.co.uk

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